Dear Valued Customer

COSCO SHIPPING Lines CO., LTD is pleased to announce the launch of new NET2 service jointly with partners Yangming and Evergreen

to strengthen the direct connection of North Europe/North Arfica/East Med region.

Port Rotation – Rotterdam, Felixstowe, Hamburg, Antwerp, Casablanca, Piraeus, El Dekheila, Haifa, Mersin, Piraeus, Casablanca, Rotterdam.

With the new NET2 service, we could provide,

  1. New direct connections for North Europe/North Africa/East Med.
  2. Effective T/S via Rotterdam and Hamburg to/from Baltic/Scandinavia/Ireland etc.
  3. Plentiful coverage via Piraeus Hub to/from Black Sea/Adriatic Sea/North Turkey etc.

NET2 is the 3rd service enchancement for North Europe connection that proves COSCO SHIPPING Lines will continue support

it’s service and maintain the high-standard quality, as always.

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