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COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Greece) S.A.  was established on FEB of 1997 in Piraeus, the country’s main harbor city, representing all COSCO subsidiary companies, acting as exclusive agent of COSCO Logistics in Greece and now consists of 140 employees. Thessaloniki branch office was established on MAR of 2004 and consists of 10 employees. COSCO Greece is also AEO certified (Authorized Economic Operator) since November of 2013 that evidences the indication of a reliable partner and ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. The object of the project was the implementation of company’s quality and environmental management system on company activities related to the planning and provision of containers transport and shipping agency services, providing high quality and sustainable services.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Greece) S.A.: 

  • Provides shipping agency services to develop brokerage, shipping, transport and commercial activities.
  • Undertakes to transport goods in containers by any means such as sea, land, rail and air transport
  • Completion of relevant connections and coordination of containers’ transport to various destinations within Greece or abroad.
  • Provides customs clearance, import, export, storage, packaging and shipping, cargo transshipments to other ships and freight management of goods in transit .
  • Taking any necessary action relating to the transfer and transit trade of goods.
  • Additionally, factoring passenger and cargo ships, including but not limited to ships of the line and ships carrying containers.
  • The last development of COSCO Shipping Agency (Greece) SA is the new section established in January 2013, COSCO Logistics Control Tower, to promote Greece and its geographical position as a gateway and transit Centre of loads for the EMEA region.

With a lot of efforts and persistence of our initial handful of people and all others who came on board during this journey, together with our HQs, taking advantage of new standards in shipping and logistics which were established in course, we have succeeded to become a major player not only in Greece but also in the entire region and make our vision true.
Today COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Greece) S.A. is also holding the sub-agency of Cyprus, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia (including Kosovo), Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYROM, providing constant support to all sub-agents as well as to COSCO offices, agents, affiliates and partners worldwide.
Main services offered in our region are vessels agency & support, containerized transport, intermodal services, vessel chartering, rail carriage between Piraeus Container Terminal and central Europe, air transport and special transportations.

COSCO Shipping Lines (Greece) SA is associated with PCT (Piraeus Container Terminal SA) and PCDC SA (Piraeus Consolidation & Distribution Center S.A.)

PCT SA (Piraeus Container Terminal SA), a company incorporated in Greece and a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSCO Shipping Ports Limited (world leading container terminal operator ranked in fifth position). PCT is principally engaged in the development, operation and commercial utilization of the Pier II and Pier III, and including future plans for the expansion of Pier III, the target is to achieve a substantial growth in the container throughput and handling capacity. It started its activities in the port of Piraeus in October 2009 and is now a large-scale modern container terminal of Greece, strategic for the Mediterranean region. Following an agreement with the Greek government for 35 years concession of the port of Piraeus, an investment of 380 million euros has been paid to upgrade the Pier II, construct the one section of Pier III and install the most modern port equipment (Super Post Panamax Super QCs, the Super Post Panamax QCs, Post Panamax QCs, RMG’s, ERTG’s, Reefer Plugs in Reefer Towers etc.). The new agreement for the construction and exploitation of the western Pier III and Pier oil on behalf of the PPA, and the upgrading of the port by installing the latest technology machines and equipment, which is a new additional investment of 230 million euros, will give a capacity in the terminal of 6.2 million TEUs from 4.8 million, today. The port has been ISPS certified, since May 2011 and operates in a Free Zone Type.

PCDC SA (Piraeus Consolidation & Distribution Center S.A.), a joint venture with DPORT SA, in which COSCO holds 50%. The company provides Logistics services through the installation of a modern 7500 square meters facility with a surrounding area of 15.000 sqm and can handle both dry and refrigerated cargo as well as flammables and chemicals, providing ambient, chilled and frozen conditions.
PCDC is the only warehouse inside the Free Zone Type I area, thus having a major advantage in handling imported containers as no custom procedures are required for containers transferred to PCDC and additionally cargo remains tax and duty free as long as they remain stored in the warehouse.
The strategic position of PCDC within Piraeus, which aims to become the hub for destinations in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean, as well as the Black Sea, makes PCDC very competitive in multimodal transportation and operating as a hub in the forwarding of imported cargo via sea, truck and air to European and non-European destinations under T1 or TIR custom formalities.