Notification (or) Preannouncement of Business Adjustment of COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Europe) GmbH

To All Parties Concerned

This is to notify that, in order to provide better service to customers and give a quicker response to the market, Diamond Line GmbH (a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Europe) GmbH) is going to take over the Intra Europe feeder operation and service management ( IET and feeder service) from COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Europe) GmbH.

The specific time of service transfer shall be subject to the cut-off voyage per further notice.

After the handover, Diamond Line GmbH will be the carrier of mentioned Intra Europe feeder network. B/Ls will be issued under the name of Diamond Line GmbH.

Diamond Line GmbH will take over all IET and feeder rights and obligations from COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Europe) GmbH. The carrier code will still be COEU and all the data such as EDI will be exchanged under COEU as before.

Meanwhile, the sales channel and the network of customer service, as well as the relevant business contacts and contact information, will be remain unchanged.

Please contact our local team for detailed information.

Thank you for your support, as always.


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